Winning 'Youth Award For Group'

  This Friday on May 4th (the Youth Day), our group was honored with the 'Youth Award' (Figure 1) by the university. Assoc. Prof. Yisheng Xu received this award for our group, who also presented in the defense for this award on May 3rd (Figure 2).

Figure 1. The 'Youth Award For Group' issued by the Communist Youth League of ECUST

Figure 2. Assoc. Prof. Xu presented at the defensing spot 

  Our group has currently TWO professors, FIVE associate professors, ONE lecturer and FOUR postdocs, 77.8% of which are youth teachers under 40-year-old. Meanwhile, there are NINETEEN PhD students and FIFTY-TWO master students in our lab! Since 2006 when our group was formed, we have contributed a lot to the society including ABET accreditation, volunteering in Xinjiang Autonomous Region and organizing practical course for high school students. Besides, our group is characteristic of having strong international collaboration with foreign universities or institutes.

  As a research group in functional polymers, we have achieved much and great progress in fields such as energy, agriculture and pharmaceuticals, thanks to all the group members before and now. 21 members achieved their PhD degree and 63 achieved the master's degree when they worked in our lab.

  Needless to say, this 'Youth Award For Group' is the result of the enormous efforts all the group members have made. Congratulations to us all! And all the best wishes for our group.

Written by F. Zhao on May 5th, 2018