2016-2017 Presidium

 Yizhe Yan

President (2016 - 2017)

I’m from Zhejiang Province. And now I’m a senior student in East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), majoring in chemical engineering. I was chaired as the president of AIChE student chapter in ECUST in 06/2016, which was named ECUST of AIChE. My research is called Configuration, regulation, preparation of solid catalyst, and it's application in synthesis of cellulose acetate. As a member, I will Contribute my strength to support the development of ECUST of AIChE.

Qiwen Gao 

Secretary-general (2016 - 2017)

       My name is GAO Qiwen, from Lanzhou, Gansu Province.I like ski and ping-pong. I am a member of pingpong school team at ECUST.My major is Chemical Engineering. I'm 20 years old now and I am going to study chemistry at ENSCM-École Nationale de Chimie deMontpellier in France. According to the slogan of the famous company BASF, we create Chemistry. In my opinion, the centre of Chemistry is creation. And I'm also addicted to the chemical blue.

After three years studied in ECUST-East China University of Science and Technology, I have reached the GPA standard and finished French test. In three years in France, I will obtain Bachelor, Master and degree of engineering. This is going to be a tough time, but I am optimistic about the future.