Research Interests

The research interests of our group mainly focus on the preparation, characterization and application of functional polymer materials in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Science and Agricultural Science etc. We are mainly concentrating on six research orientations: 

(1)Spherical polyelectrolyte brushes and their application in metal (metal oxide) nanoparticle preparation, catalysis, protein separation, disease diagnosis, and sensor;

(2)Amphiphilic comb-type copolymers and their modification on the rheology of multiphase systems including crude oil, oil products, and coal water slurry; 

(3)Polymeric hydrogels and their application in adhesive, catalysis, and oil exploitation;

(4)Macromolecular assembly driven by cyclodextrin inclusion, hydrophobic association, and/or electrostatic interaction; 

(5)Strengthened assembly of biocompatible polymersurfactants andnanoparticles for controlled delivery (Flash Nano-precipitation, FNP); 

(6)Organic-inorganic hybrid nanocomposite materials and their application in catalysis, smart window, and coating;

(7)Preparation of nano-sized functional materials by intensified macromolecular assembly for fluorescent tracer, and controlled delivery of drug, fertilizer or pesticides.