2017-2018 Presidium

Zherui Tong

President (2017~2018)

      My name is Tong Zherui, from Shanghai. I was admitted to East China University of Science & Technology in 2016 and now is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering as well as the president of ECUST of AICHE. I joined in the ECUST of AICHE in October, 2016, witnessing its transformation from a amateur academic association to a official student community. I was among the planning unit which successfully organized our first club activity, the Voice of Science & Technology, a lecture which was addressed by Prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart and our instructor Prof. Xuhong GUO. I was responsible for the rental of the conference hall and the spurt draws of the propaganda for our lecture. I was elected president in June, 2017. In the next semester, I will focus on the reform of our society’s management layer, aiming to replacing existing management mode with a departmental structure as well as detailing the society’s regulation. Also, I plan to organized more activity next term, including lectures, debates and academic competition.

I am interested in high strength material, such as armor steel, tungsten alloy, alumina ceramics, KEVLAR, etc.. I plan to pursuing my post-graduate study in chemical engineering of materials.

Zheqi Chen

Vice-President & Technical Guidance (2017~2018)

      My name is Chen Zheqi, from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. I am studying for bachelor degree in East China University of Science and Technology from September, 2015. My major is chemical engineering and I am the national scholarship recipient of 2015-2016 academic year. Following with Professor Liu Tao in State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering, my research area is preparation of microcellular polymers by supercritical fluid technique. My topic is Study on Foaming Behavior of LDPE/LLDPE Based on High Pressure Rheology, which is selected as national undergraduate innovation project.

Yuxin Mao

Vice-president (2017~2018)

      My name is Mao Yuxin, from Lian yungang, Jiangsu Province. I was accepted by East China University of Science and Technology in 2016. My major is Chemical Engineering and Technology. I am supposed to graduate in June, 2020. Now I am studying basic disciplines, so I have no idea about which branch field to further study. After a few years, I will determine my specific research topic. Probably I will focus on petrochemical engineering or light chemical engineering.