Prof. Guo's CV

Xuhong GUO


School of Chemical Engineering

East China University of Science and Technology

Shanghai 200237, China

Tel/Fax: +86-21-64253491


Born in Hunan Province, China on March, 1966.



PhD, Polymer Chemistry, 2001, Karlsruhe University, Germany;

ME,  Biomedical Engineering, 1992, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China;

BE,  Chemical Engineering, 1989, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.


2006 - Present: Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, China;

2014 – Present: Joint Professor, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shihezi University, China;

2005 - 2006: Research Staff Member, Department of Chemical Engineering,

                      Princeton University, USA;

2002 - 2005: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemical

                      Engineering, Princeton University, USA;

2001 - 2002: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry,

                      Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis, USA;

1994 - 1998: Lecturer, Department of Polymer Science and Materials, Sichuan

                      University, China;

1992 - 1994: Assistant Lecturer, Department of Polymer Science and Materials,

                      Sichuan University, China.


Awards and Affiliations

1998 -  2001: Scholarship of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

2001: Prize for the best poster presentation at the conference 51. Makromolekulares Kolloquium, Freiburg, Germany, February 22-24.

2007: Shanghai Shuguang Scholar.

2001 - Present: Member of American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

2008 - Present: Subeditor, Journal of East China University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition).

2014 - Present: Editor, Chemical Engineering Research & Design (Elsevier).

Research Interests

Rheology of multi-phase systems; Functional polymeric materials (including hydrogels, spherical polyelectrolyte brushes, surfactants and biocompatible adhesives); Macromolecular assembly; Interaction between polyelectrolytes and proteins.

Recent Selected Publications

  1. Weihua Wang, Li Li*, Katja Henzler, Yan Lu, Junyou Wang, Haoya Han, Yuchuan Tian, Yunwei Wang, Zhiming Zhou, Gudrun Lotze, Theyencheri Narayanan, Matthias Ballauff, Xuhong Guo*, Protein immobilization onto cationic spherical polyelectrolyte brushes studied by small angle X-ray scattering. Biomacromolecules 2017, 18(5), 1574-1581.

  2. Xiaochi Liu, Ding Hu, Ziwen Jiang, Jiaming Zhuang, Yisheng Xu, Xuhong Guo*, Sankaran Thayumanavan*, Multi-Stimuli Responsive Amphiphilic Assemblies through Simple Post Polymerization Modifications. Macromolecules2016, 49(17), 6186-6192.

  3. Weina Wang, Yisheng Xu, Sebastian Backes, Ang Li, Samantha Micciulla, A. Basak Kayitmazer, Li Li, Xuhong Guo* and Regine von Klitzing*. Construction of compact polyelectrolyte multilayers inspired by marin mussel: Effects of salt concentration and pH as observed by QCM-D and AFM. Langmuir 2016,32(14), 3365-3374.

  4. Yisheng Xu, Siyi Wang, Haoya Han, Kaimin Chen, Li Qin, Jun Xu, Jie Wang, Li Li, and Xuhong Guo*, Enhancement of enzymatic acteivity by magnetic spherical polyelectrolyte brushes: A potential recycling strategy for enzymes, Langmuir 2014, 30, 11156-11164.

  5. Kaimin Chen, Subinoy Rana, Daniel F. Moyano, Yishen Xu, Xuhong Guo*, Vincent M. Rotello*, Optimizing the selective recoginition of protein isoforms through tuning of nanoparicle hydrophobicity, Nanoscale 2014, 6(12), 6492-9495.

  6. Jianjia Liu, Jie Wang*, Zhongming Zhu, Li Li, Xuhong Guo*, Stephen F. Lincoln, Robert K. Prud’homme, Cooperative catalystic activity of alpha-cyclodextrin and Ag nanoparticles immobilized on spherical polyelectrolyte brushes, AIChE J 2014, 1977-1982.

  7. Muxian Shen, Li Li, Yimin Sun, Jun Xu, Xuhong Guo*, Robert K. Prud’homme, Rheology and adhesion of poly(acrylic acid)/Laponite nanocomposite hydrogels as biocompatible adhesives, Langmuir 2014, 1636-1642.

  8. Siyi Wang, Kaimin Chen, Yisheng Xu*, Xuanjie Yu, Weihua Wang, Li Li, and Xuhong Guo*, Protein immobilization and separation by anionic/cationic spherical polyelectrolyte brushes based on charge anisotropy.Soft Matter 2013, 9, 11276-11287.

  9. Siyi Wang, Kaimin Chen, Li Li, and Xuhong Guo*, Binding between proteins and cationic spherical polyelectrolyte brushes: Effect of pH, Ionic strength, and stoichiometry.Biomacromolecules 2013, 14, 818-827.

  10. Shuang Wu, Joachim Dzubiella, Julian Kaiser, Markus Drechsler, Xuhong Guo, Matthias Ballauff, Yan Lu*, Thermosensitive Au-PNIPA yolk-shell nanoparticles with tunable selectivity for catalysis. Angew Chem Int Edit2012, 110-116, 3762-3769.