The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Student Chapter of East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), also abbreviated to ECUST of AIChE, is the first AIChE student chapter in China. The idea of establishing the AIChE Student Chapter of ECUST was initiated during the preparation for the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) certification for the Chemical Engineering Department of ECUST, when some experts from ABET suggested Prof. Xuhong Guo, the chief principal of the ECUST ABET certification program, to established an AICHE Student Chapter in the campus in order to create opportunity for students to gear to international standards. The proposal was approved by AIChE on August 17, 2011 and established in September 1, 2011. Prof. Xuhong Guo has been selected to be the Chapter Advisor and the first president is Mr. Weijie Pan.

Fig 1 The certification issued by AIChE Headquarters

Fig 2 The first president Mr. Weijie Pan (on the left) and the Chapter Advisor Prof. Xuhong Guo (on the right) are displaying the certification issued by AIChE Headquarters.

The Student Chapter mainly organized internal activities for its members, such as exchange meetings, to help its members with their difficulties in study or research programs.

Fig 3 The members of AIChE Student Chapter are having a regular meeting.

Also, the Student Chapter sent volunteers to support the 8th Sino-American Chemical Engineering Annual Meeting held in the East China University of Science and Technology, who perfectly accomplished their tasks and received commendation from teachers in charge.

Fig 4 8th Sino-American Chemical Engineering Annual Meeting held in the East China University of Science and Technology

In April, 2016, the Student Chapter gave a cordial reception to the distinguished guests come from AIChE headquarters. The presidium of that time introduced the Student Chapter’s development of the past few years and show the guests around the campus.

Fig 5 A group photo of the experts came from AIChE headquarters and ECUST of AIChE members

However, because of the ambiguous character of the Student Chapter, the Student Chapter was neither under the direct jurisdiction of AIChE Headquarters, nor affiliated to the Youth League Committee of ECUST, which built barricades to the Student Chapter’s further development.

To create a better prospect for the Student Chapter, the former presidium, led by Mr. Yizhen Yan, made great effort turn it from an amateur academic association to a formal student society. In the second semester of 2016~2017 academic year, the proposal of the student society establishment was approved by the Youth League Committee of ECUST, which indicated ECUST of AIChE became the only international student society in ECUST.

After the society logged in, it immediately organized its first large-scale lecture to all students, the Voice of Science and Technology, addressed by Prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart and Prof. Xuhong Guo. Prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart introduced his professional experience and a research topic: How do viruses assemble? Prof. Guo taught the methods of how to write a thesis and two professors answered the questions from the students. The lecture was a successfully held, which received favorable comment from the audience.

Fig 6 Prof. M. A. Cohen Stuart is addressing to the audience.

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In June, 2016, ECSUT of AIChE sent its members to participate in AIChE's annual Chem-E-Car Competition, in which college students are required to design and construct a car powered by a chemical energy source, which will safely carry a specified load over a given distance and stop. After a fierce competition, ECUST was awarded ‘the Most Creative Car Design Prize’.

Fig 7 Members of the ECUST team is preparing for the competition.

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Now ECUST of AICHE has enter a new stage. The new presidium will focus on the reform of our society’s management layer, aiming to replacing existing management mode with a departmental structure as well as detailing the society’s regulation. Also, ECUST of AIChE plans to organized more activity next term, including lectures, debates and academic competition, including the Chem-E-Car.