On June 8th, the general election of ECUST of AIChE was held in the Undergraduates’ Activity Center in the presence of former president members (Yan Yizhen, Gao Qiwen and Hou Lingyi), four candidates (Tong Zherui, Mao Yuxin, Chen Zheqi and Wang Susu) and three spectators. This meeting consists of two main parts.

Part I: A Brief Review of the Club

President Yan Yizhen made a brief review on the history and development of our club, offering a more detailed information of the club. In the speech, he emphasized that as a newly-founded club, AIChE club’s scale need to be enlargered and impact are still need to be strengthened, which means all members should to corporate with each others to improving our club.

Part II: The Election

During the election, the four candidates were required to give a presentation to introduce themselves to prove that they are qualified for the position they applied for. In the presentation, they talked about several problems the club had been facing and ways to solve them.

Also, the candidates needed to prepare an introduction of our campus and our club while the presidium was discussing whether the candidates could be admitted. The former presidium made the final decision of new presidium members. The list below is the new presidium members:

President: Tong Zherui;

Vice-president: Mao Yuxin; Chen Zheqi; Wang Susu;

After the election, the new presidium and the former one exchanged some ideas about how to promote the advancement of the club in the end of the meeting.